Weatherproof Outdoor Cat Shelter/House/Condo with Stair

by Petsfit

Even though it's essentially a basic box shape measuring 17.5” x 27.5" and 20” high, this house has extra design features that make it architecturally appealing and functionally practical. Constructed out of cedar, its exterior and interior are painted with non-toxic paint that won't harm your pet. The low-pitch roof is covered with asphalt sheets. You can't lift the roof off; instead, you remove the floor to clean the inside of the house.

Four legs raise the floor several inches from the ground, so water won't get inside if there's some flooding in your yard where this house is placed. A separate platform helps your friend step inside through the front opening, and it also serves as a patio. There's an emergency access through the back that is covered with a plastic door flap.

The flower box may be more decorative than useful. Perhaps you can put your cat's favorite toys in it -- or even plants you don't mind her messing with!

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